RFC Soccer Academy

rfc academyThe Roshnee Football Club has long seen the need to improve the quality and character of its football as well its coaches and players. In lieu of this the Clubs Executive has put together a plan of action to launch our own Soccer Academy which aims to take the club to greater heights.


Roshnee Football Club is committed to becoming a leading force in youth Development and Coach Education in Roshnee and later in the country. The foundation of its business is based on the provision of personal attention and excellence to the players and coaches that form part of the Roshnee Football Club.

We also empower community based projects by assisting them with coaching and development. As a fairly new entity, Roshnee Football Club supports SAFA and the government initiatives in developing our future football stars 2012 and beyond.

Strategic positioning
The Roshnee Football Club is positioned to take advantage of the limitless opportunities presented in Roshnee and the Vaal Football fraternity. The Roshnee Football Club is a practical manifestation of the philosophy of economic empowerment.

In its quest to claim a meaningful place in the industry, the Roshnee Football Club is keen to form strategic alliances with schools, district associations, amateur clubs as well as Professional Teams.

The Premise on which the Roshnee Football Club is based is talent search, identification and development of elite sports people as well as mass participation through acceptable mechanisms by which potentially talented football players can be identified from the broad based development programmes (schools) and brought onto accelerated programmes.
The structure of the Roshnee Football Club programme will consist of two levels which is the intermediate and advanced levels to ensure that the natural development of the young player takes place.

The Roshnee Football Club also serves to develop youth coaches in a coach education programme conducted in Roshnee.

Programme of excellence

Roshnee Football Club is committed to a holistic development by focusing on life in football and life around football. With regard to football directly the program relies on extensive evaluation and skills development, match preparation and play, as well as monitoring of match play to groom players into future professionals.

With regard to life around football, the program focuses on South Africa's rich football history, culture, class and will attempt to inculcate a religious and moral ethos

Roshnee Football Club offers a fully qualified and highly skilled technical team that is responsible for maintaining the high standards that will be set. In addition to developing youth players and coaches, the Roshnee Soccer Academy Team is also useful in the discovery of raw talent as well as social development in the form of life skills programmes. We are now just finalising the full list of names of coaches who will be spear heading the complete nurturing, developing and maturing of these young players into the future stars of Africa.

We also want to convey to parents that not every child will develop into a talented and potential star player but with the support and technical knowledge offered we can enhance his game with skill to an enjoyable level of participation. This will give parents the satisfaction of knowing that they offered their child the opportunity to play the game with the expertise at hand and that he may have not reached the highest performance level but in time to come he was offered a better understanding of the greatest followed game on Earth.|

Technical Team
With qualified coaches and trainers, Roshnee Football Club provides significant training and development of football players. The playing philosophy is aimed at teaching the players to:

  • Keep the ball on the ground
  • Change the point of attack
  • Create triangulation
  • Limit the touches


  • Speed
  • Mobility
  • Intelligence
  • Leadership
  • Excellent technique


  • Technique: Conduction, Control, Passing, Dribbling, Shooting, Scoring and Heading
  • Physical: Strength, Agility, Co-ordination, Speed and Power
  • Tactical: Individual, Group and Team Tactic
  • Psychological: Life Skills, Playing out of the mind, Interviews etc.
  • Social: Toast Masters, Movies, Games, Stage shows, etc.

In order for all of this to bear fruit an unrelenting commitment from both Parents and Player is required. The participation and support from the parent is the key to the success of the project.

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