RFC Constituiton

1.    NAME

The name of the club shall be Roshnee Football Club. (Herein after referred to as the Club).


The colours of the Club shall be Blue, Yellow, Red, and White.

3.    MOTTO

The motto of the Club shall be “A SOUND MIND IN A SOUND BODY.”


The offices of the Club shall be situated in Roshnee.

5.    AIMS

  1. To promote sport in general and soccer in particular.
  2. To actively encourage the youth to participate in sport.
  3. To develop the administrative skills of the youth.
  4. To administer the game to its highest level.
  5. To provide the best available coaching for the players.
  6. To provide the best available facilities for the players.
  7. To provide competitive soccer for the players.
  8. To enhance the opportunities of the players to play soccer at the highest competitive level.
  9. To promote the interests of the game of soccer.
  10. To play soccer according to the laws as laid down by F.I.F.A.


  1. Membership shall be open to all interested persons.
  2. A member shall be defined as “A person who has applied in writing, and been accepted, and agrees to abide by the rules of the Club.”
  3. A player is defined as “A person who is registered to play for the Club, and agrees to abide by the rules of the Club.”
  4. Membership is renewable every year.
  5. All applications for membership must be submitted on the official application form of the club.
  6. Membership of the Club does not give to any member the right, title; claim or demand to any monies or assets of the Club, but only confers upon such members the rights and privilege of participating in the activities of the Club.


The Executive Committee shall comprise the following Officials: (Herein after referred to as the E.C.)

  1. Chairman
  2. Vice Chairman
  3. Secretary
  4. Assistant Secretary
  5. Public Relations Officer (PRO)
  6. Treasurer
  7. Assistant Treasurer
  8. Records Clerk
  9. The elected Executive Committee will co-opt other persons on the Executive Committee when deemed necessary.
  10. Three (3) persons from the community will be appointed as trustees. The trustees shall not have any vote, nor will they be part of the Executive Committee.


  1. The E.C. shall conduct all affairs of the Club.
  2. The E.C. shall have custody of all funds of the Club.
  3. The E.C. shall at all times render their best service to the Club.
  4. All decisions taken by the E.C. shall be binding on the Club.
  5. The E.C. shall meet every fortnight during the soccer season and whenever any matter of urgency arises.
  6. The E.C. shall at no time cause the Club any embarrassment
  7. No E.C. member shall, by deed or word, prejudice the well-being of the Club
  8. No E.C. member may at any time do anything contrary to the laws of the Club.
  9. All decisions must be decided upon by the majority of the E.C. Members.
  10. The Secretary or Assistant shall attend all meetings of the Club and shall record the proceedings thereof
  11. The Secretary will attend to all correspondence of the Club.
  12. The Chairman will be the convenor of all meetings.
  13. The Record Clerk shall keep a register of all players and members of the Club including an assets register
  14. The Public Relations Officer (P.R.O.) will be responsible for all press releases concerning the Club and its activities.    
  15. Duties of the Treasurer are dealt with under Finance
  16. The Chairman will preside over all meetings of the Club. In the absence of the Chairman, this function shall be taken over by the Vice Chairman, in the absence of both the Chairman and Vice Chairman, the House of Executives will appoint the Chairperson, provided a Quorum of Two Thirds of The Executives are present and agree.
  17. In the event of an urgent decision to be taken, the Chairman is empowered to call up the Core Executive consisting of No Less Than Three Members and whose decision thereafter will be binding on the Club.


The duration (term of office) will be two years.


The A.G.M. will be held yearly in February Without Elections

The B.G.M. will be held every two years in February With Elections

The Agenda of the A.G.M. will be as follows:

  • Read and Confirm Minutes of the last A.G.M
  • Matters Arising
  • Correspondence
  • Amendments to the Constitution for which due notice has been given
  • Chairman’s Report
  • Secretary’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Elections of Office Bearers (Bi-Annual)
  • Genera
  • Vote of Thanks


Special General Meeting will be held:

When deemed necessary by the Chairman or E.C.
When a petition, signed by Two Thirds of Paid Up Members request such a meeting.


Council Meetings will be held whenever deemed necessary by the Chairman or E.C.


E.M. will be held fortnightly.


The Quorum at all meetings shall be One Half of Executive Members.


A notice bearing The Name of the Club, The Venue, and Time of the Meeting must be distributed to All Members.

The notice periods shall be:
A.G.M. & B.G.M.    14days
S.G.M.            1 day
C.M.            3 days
E.M.            3 days


No Members shall give lectures from the floor. The Chairman shall stop any irrelevant and lengthy speeches by the Members.
However, Members can speak only.

  1. On the moving of the motion.
  2. When there is a question before the meeting.
  3. To put or answer a question.
  4. On a point of order.
  5. Members shall rise in their place and address the chair. Members shall not speak or whisper among themselves and cause commotion. If more than one member rises, the one whose name is called by the Chairman shall speak and all other members must resume their seats. The Chairman must be heard in silence when he rises and a member speaking or intending to speak must resume his seat. Members must not interrupt if another member is speaking.
  6. To avoid argument and recrimination the Chairman shall invite a motion “that any person breaching the above rules be requested to retire from the meeting.”

14.    VOTING

  1. Each Member shall be entitled to one vote.
  2. Voting shall be done by show of hands.
  3. All decisions at meetings shall be taken by vote.
  4. All votes shall be carried by a simple majority
  5. The Chairman shall have a casting vote in the event of a deadlock.


The office of an official shall be vacated in the event of:-

  1. His resignation.
  2. His ceasing to be a member of the Association.
  3. His becoming of unsound mind.
  4. His departure from this Country for a period exceeding six months without due notification.   
  5. His Death

Vacancies occurring on the Executive Committee shall be filled by the Executive Members discretion by nominating any member of the Association to serve on the Executive Committee. The Member so appointed shall hold office for the remaining period for which his predecessors would have held office.

16.    FEES

  1. A seasonal fee shall be levied on all registered members.
  2. Fees shall be reviewed at every A.G.M.
  3. No person shall be entitled to any refund should he leave or be expelled from the Club.

17.    FINANCE

  1. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all finances of the Club.
  2. The Treasurer shall keep proper books of accounts in which shall be recorded all transactions of the Club.
  3. All monies shall be deposited in a banking account.
  4. The Treasurer shall keep a maximum of R500 cash on hand for petty disbursements.
  5. The Treasurer shall submit an income and expenditure statement at all Executive meeting.
  6. Should the Treasurer not be present at any meeting, he shall ask his assistant to present the income and expenditure statement.
  7. All cheques shall be signed by the treasurer and one E.C. Member who is an authorised signatory. Authorised signatures to comprise of Treasurer, Chairman, Secretary, and Public Relations Officer.
  8. All expenses must be sanctioned by the E.C. or by the Core Executive.
  9. The Treasurer will be the convener of any fund raising committee.
  10. No Non Member may be told the financial affairs of the Club without the permission of the E.C.
  11. Any E.C. Member may request the books for inspection.
  12. The Club will under no circumstances grant a loan to any person or organisation.
  13. An audited report must be tabled at the A.G.M.


Any and all sponsors to the Club become the property of the Club.


  1. The E.C. will appoint a disciplinary committee from its ranks when needed
  2. Any member or player allegedly contravening the rules of the Club will be summoned to appear before the D.C., failing to attend the D.C., any decision taken in this regard will be binding.
  3. Any penalty imposed will be at the sole discretion of the D.C.

20.    GENERAL

  1. Any E.C. Member not attending three consecutive meetings, without valid reason, will be summoned to appear before the D.C.
  2. Any person who has been less than one calendar year with the Club will not be allowed to vote on any matter.
  3. No person with less than two years membership with the Club may hold any post as in section 7.
  4. No Non Members will be allowed to attend any meeting of the E.C. unless invited to such meeting.
  5. No person shall reach the confidentiality of any discussion at meetings. Any person accused of such action will be summoned to appear before the D.C.
  6. Any Manager/Coach not attending three consecutive games of his team, without valid reason, may be summoned to appear before the D.C.
  7. The E.C. may at any time pass a vote of no confidence against any member. Such person will then no longer be allowed to participate in any activities of the Club for a period of one year.  
  8. Any person who has not paid the seasonal fees will not be allowed to participate in any activity of the Club.
  9. Any matter not provided for in this constitution, shall be dealt with by the E.C. as they may deem fit
  10. The Trustees will, in the event of the Club closing, dispose of all assets of the Club. The proceeds there from, and any monies held by the Club, will be given to a Charity of their choice.
  11. No Executive Committee member may hold any post on any other Sports Clubs or Sporting Code which falls under the banner of the Roshnee Sports Council.


  1. No part of this constitution shall be amended or rescinded, except at the A.G.M. or a Special General Meeting called for this purpose.
  2. Amendments or alterations shall be declared carried only after being agreed upon by Two Third of Eligible Members present at the meeting

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