Our Vision

The Roshnee Football Club believes that youth is a time of promise. It is our vision to:

  • Fulfill that promise by helping youth learn lifelong values through soccer.
  • To help build a promising future for the children of Roshnee and leave a legacy with a lasting and meaningful impact on Roshnee youth.
  • Inspire, encourage, and enable participation in soccer

We are committed to enjoying all aspects of football, unconditional support for each other, a never ending quest to realise our potential, innovative approaches to our vision, effectively identifying our strengths within our people, identifying and improving upon our weaknesses and by being truly accountable to the vision of the club.
The Roshnee Football Club will be the best football club we can be.

Our Mission

  • Promote the game of soccer and to provide opportunities for all youth
  • Emphasize the development of self-esteem, good sportsmanship, fitness, achievement, teamwork, and skill as well as encourage courtesy, proper conduct and respect for authority by the players, officials, and spectators through the playing of the game.
  • Provide educational opportunities to develop all players, coaches, referees, and administrators.

A Brief History

Roshnee Football Club has a long, rich and colourful history. The people of Roshnee love their soccer and it has always been the sport of choice for young and old in the community. The roots of the club can be traced back to the then Top Location and Evaton Location . This is where the Indian communities in the Vaal Triangle found themselves in the dark days of apartheid. These communities produced teams such as Vereeniging Old Boys, who later turned pro, and Restons Football Club. The contributions made by these pioneering teams can never be forgotten.

The communities from Top Location and Evaton eventually settled in Roshnee and their passion for the game continued as many new teams were established. Teams such as, Glandene, Roshnee United, Spurs and 'A' Team as well as others. Formal football structures and leagues were established and professionally administered.

The Roshnee Football Club is an amalgamation of all these teams and their collective history as we endeavour to promote and nurture the game of football in our town.

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